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Looking through the glass

Photographing life, capturing moments happen and sharing them with the world is the greatest opportunity ever. I love what I do and enjoy it, sharing my photo story of my children, being there for peoples special moments, being part of other peoples lives and accomplishments are what I find make this world to be an interesting one. 


I've spent most of my life photographing everything and anything that I possibly could. Before I ventured on my own to find my place in the business of photography I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, I went in the direction towards fashion. Fashion photography was my passion. I got an internship with a production company before my graduation and met many people in the fashion industry. I went on my own to contact designers and event directors and started shooting small red carpet events, music festivals, and clubs showcasing up and coming musical talent. Through all my networking I met many creative people who I got the privelage to work with and learn from. My experiences and my contacts led me to be invited to multiple fashion shows during LA Fashion Week, and display my work.  The experience has been more than incredible and has given me the chance to strive, learn from others and broaden my knowledge to create my own business in photography. With all this experience my adventure began and I had experience in the many fields of photography. Therefore I created my brand Spektrum Photography.

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